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Swagger Sticks (U.S. Marine Corps Enlisted)

Swagger Sticks (U.S. Marine Corps Enlisted)

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Customizable to your specifications, we can add a team logo to the top of the bullet, and/or the carrying pouch or additional items as appropriate. (Additional cost)

Hand Made US Military Swagger Sticks, this historical one of a kind item is an excellent way to show pride in service or to commemorate a promotion.

Handcrafted by a veteran

Price includes a carrying pouch, Military Service Emblem, Rank Insignia, and Name on Wood portion of the Stick.

A swagger stick is a short stick or riding crop usually carried by a uniformed person as a symbol of authority. A swagger stick is shorter than a staff or cane and is usually made from rattan. Its modern use derives from the vine staff carried by Roman centurions as an emblem of office.

Note additional items such as branch insignia, skill badge or unit insignia can be added to the back of the large bullet for an additional fee, please inquire directly

Base not included, other items on picture other than those listed above are extra, for the name on the stick contact the shop after your purchase this item.

The length of the swagger stick is between 21"-23"

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