Power Punk Rock n' Roll

Who/what are The Swagger Sticks?
Good question. Well, I’ve always been drawn to the DIY “econo” punk ethos and, having said that, I’m pretty psyched to be making music during a time when anyone can make a record and distribute it without a record label. Even though punk bands like The Sex Pistols and The Ramones could have never accomplished what they did without the backing of a record label, I’ve always been attracted to the energy and rebelliousness of these bands and, without them, I wouldn’t be making music today.

Though certainly less renowned, The Swagger Sticks, are a perfect example of the opportunities now available to indie artists everywhere. I’d never been signed, or even put out a record before. But instead of waiting to get “discovered,” we made a record, produced a video and now we have the freedom to do whatever we want, which includes the strong likelihood of never getting paid. But that’s what’s known in some circles as a ”great moral victory,” so there you have it!

- Aron Gibson, Los Angeles June 2010

Big News!

8/1/11 - The NEW single from The Swagger Sticks is available on iTunes! A vinyl release is scheduled for early fall. 

Radioactive Single is a departure from some of the band's power pop roots. "Radioactive Kids" is a post-apolocolyptic sonic boom while "Kick It In Reverse" draws on the mayhem of early Nirvana and the furious urgency of The Ramones. 

Radio Play

"Worldwide Popstar," featuring producer Jeff Lewis (and former Jackson 5 trumpet player) received play on The Watt From Pedro Show last year in 2010.

"Closed Circuit Television" was played on NPR member station 88.9 KUCI in Irvine on DJ Nomoney's punk and reggae show in 2011.

"Radioactive Kids," the A-side the the new Swagger Sticks single received play on Rob Z's In Traffik Radio show in August 2011. "Radioactive" features Rob Maune of King Cheetah on bass.

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