Band Bio

The Swagger Sticks were born in a Hollywood Hills garage in 2007. While braving carbon monoxide fumes from his roommate's car, and a gaggle sneering neighbors, Aron Gibson wrote and recorded all the songs, while initially playing all the instruments. 

Since then, 'The Sticks' ecosystem has occaisionally included drummer Simon Hanchock of King Cheetah, drummer Jose Gonzalez, Bass player Matt Morales of Run Amok and bass player Emma Jenson of The Waking Hours. Singer/Guitarist Rob Maune of King Cheetah played 8-string bass on "Radioactive Kids."

Gibson had all but quit music until a chance appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2005. The band's first EP, Stick it!, was released in July 2009 and draws on '77 punk and a range of power pop and indie rock influences - somewhere between The Clash and The Foo Fighters.

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Photo Credit: Matthew Burgess